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Our Approach

Our innovative approach combines service delivery, capacity building, facilitation and advocacy to promote good nutrition practices, increase access to nutritious food, and leverage political commitment to address malnutrition.

Our approach includes:

Improving the enabling environment        

An environment that supports mothers is one where child nutrition can take root. The Window of Opportunity builds a foundation for improved nutrition practices by forming networks and providing evidence for policy decisions. 

 Strengthening health systems to support IYCF and related maternal nutrition 

Window increases the knowledge and skills of health systems personnel at the local, district and national levels.  We work with existing government infrastructures to create supervisory and referral systems. Our program encourages community members to participate in decisions about availability and access to quality services.

 Empowering individuals and communities to make good choices when it comes to nutrition

Window utilizes a participatory process with communities to develop important nutrition skills; promote behavior change; and maintain healthy behaviors. Community members are invited to participate in the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation phases of the Window program.  In this way we foster community ownership, sustainability and empowerment.

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