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Sierra Leone

Maternal and Child Nutrition in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has been rated as one of the least developed countries in the world, based on the United Nations Development Program’s Human Development Index Report. Of all of the development issues Sierra Leone faces, malnutrition is one of the most critical and complex. Malnutrition leading to underweight and stunting in children less than two years of age is caused by a host of factors, including lack of access to adequate quantities of good quality food and to health services, as well as poor environmental quality, and most often, the way young children are fed.

How Window of Opportunity is helping:

Window’s program in Sierra Leone was launched in 2009. Program activities take place in 12 chiefdoms in the districts of Koinadugu and Tonkolili. Both districts are remote with limited coverage by essential infrastructure- telecommunications, roads, etc. These districts are also known for their tribal and language diversity. Literacy rates are extremely low and approximately 80% of the population is dependent on agriculture as their main livelihood.

Window activities include forming supportive mechanisms such as pregnant women support groups, community health clubs, microsavings groups for women, and birth waiting homes where expectant mothers can receive health education and skilled attendance during delivery.

         Nutritional Status for Children in Sierra Leone

 National data, DHS, 2008, < 5 years                        Window baseline*, 2009, < 2 years

Underweight 21.7 %                                                         Underweight 34.9 %

Stunting 36.4 %                                                                     Stunting 22.8 %

Wasting 10.2 %                                                                      Wasting 13.0%

 According to DHS information                                       * Collected using WHO indicators


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