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Research – Indonesia


Prior to program implementation, each Window team completes a baseline survey and formative research. Monitoring takes place afterwards to help further guide programming.

For Prima Bina’s Baseline ReportWindow conducted a cross-sectional survey with 2,415 households in Belu and TTU districts between June 23 and August 15, 2009. Households were selected based on the presence of at least one child under two years of age. Separate Window teams conducted anthropometry and surveyed mothers (or caregivers) regarding nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, infant and young child feeding practices, and household food security.

Prima Bina’s Formative Research was conducted in Belu and TTU districts from June to August 2008. Participating villages were selected from a random sampling of program villages that had not participated in focus groups the year prior. Window teams held focus group discussions with pregnant and lactating mothers, and conducted interviews with traditional birth attendants, community health volunteers and midwives, as well as with Ministry of Health officials.

In 2009, Window conducted an assessment of breastfeeding counselling by trained breastfeeding counselors in Belu and TTU districts to gauge the counselling quality and coverage of breastfeeding counselors and to  identify effective social support structures for pregnant and lactating women in the area.

During November and December 2010, Window conducted Prima Bina’s Mid-term Review (MTR) in Belu and TTU. The review aimed to 1) measure progress toward the program IYCF objectives, 2) look at coverage of key intervention activities – counseling, Mother to Mother Support Groups and group education, and 3) measure knowledge and awareness of interventions and attitudes toward Window programming. The review is based on quantitative and qualitative data collected through LQAS surveys and focus group discussions.

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