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Research – Bangladesh


Longitudinal Cohort Study- CARE’s Window team is collaborating with Emory University and the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B), to facilitate a longitudinal cohort study to explore the intentions and follow-through of breastfeeding and complementary feeding of mothers within Karimganj and a non-intervention site.

See Joan Sara Thomas’s presentation slides as a recap of her thesis entitled “Attitude, self-efficacy, knowledge and intention to exclusively breastfeed among pregnant women in rural Bangladesh”. This thesis is based on data from Window’s longitudinal cohort study.

Akhoni Shomay’s Formative Research Report documents the feeding patterns of 119 children between two and 24 months of age in rural Karimganj. Including an equal number of boys and girls from a range of socio-economic backgrounds, 73 percent of the children were determined underweight and considered malnourished. Each mother and child was weighed and qualitative information was gathered regarding pregnancy, birth circumstances and feeding patterns at different stages. Mothers were invited to narrate their experience of pregnancy, childbirth, income, role and decision-making in the family, work load, cooking patterns and food habits. Mother-in-laws, grandmothers and fathers also were interviewed as available.

Akhoni Shomay’s Baseline Report indicates that approximately 35% of children under two years are moderately to severely underweight and over 40% suffer from moderate to severe stunting, an indicator for chronic malnutrition, in the two districts where Akhoni Shomay is being implemented. Of greater concern are the rates of wasting that hover around 15%, close to World Health Organization’s emergency threshold level, which indicates an urgent need for action.

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