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Maternal and Child Nutrition in Bangladesh

The prevalence of malnutrition in Bangladesh is among the highest in the world. Millions of children and women suffer from one or more forms of malnutrition, including low birth weight, wasting, stunting, underweight, Vitamin A deficiencies, iodine deficiency disorders and anemia.

How Window of Opportunity is helping:

The Window of Opportunity in Bangladesh, known as Akhoni Shomay, was launched in  mid-2009. Window activities take place in one sub-district, Karimganj, in the Kishoreganj district, with a total population of 258,000 people. CARE specifically focuses on supporting  more than 25,000 ultra poor women and 15,500 children under the age of two.

Partnerships are key to Window’s implementation strategy. In Bangladesh, Window partners with the local nongovernment organization People’s Orientation for Program Implementation (POPI). This partnership creates an opportunity to strengthen capacity of local NGOs, and ultimately, local individual capacity. Window also partners with PATH, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and local distributor Renata to provide micronutrient powders to young Bangladeshi children from 6 through 23 months of age. This partnership is developing messages to build knowledge and skills around the use of micronutrient powders as part of adequate and appropriate complementary feeding.  

Nutritional Status for Children in Bangladesh

National data, DHS, 2009, < 5 years         Window baseline*, 2010, < 2 years  

 Underweight 41 %                            Underweight  38.2 %

Stunting 43.2 %                                    Stunting 43.2 %

Wasting 17.4 %                                     Wasting 14.6 %

According to DHS information           * Collected using WHO indicators


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